Providing families with opportunities and resources to connect with quality housing in communities of their choice


Ascend STL Inc. offers social services and affordable housing partnerships in the St. Louis region. We work with large housing authorities to make federal housing programs work better for the families who rely on rental assistance to live in safe, inclusive, and thriving communities.

Mobility Connection


Through the Mobility Connection program, Ascend provides individualized counseling and support to help families realize the full potential of their Housing Choice Voucher. We connect families with vouchers from the City and County Housing Authorities in St. Louis to property owners. We help families move into high opportunity areas and offer property owners pre-screened referrals and a free unit listing service.

Affordable Housing

Since 1999, Ascend has partnered with the St. Louis Housing Authority and other affordable housing developers in our region to help finance twelve mixed-income affordable housing developments in the City of St. Louis.