2018 Tiers

map legend2.JPG

Generally, speaking, we encourage families with vouchers to search for housing in the price limits in the below table based on the location of the unit. So, for example, a family with a 2-bedroom unit should look for housing up to $830 in tier 1 areas and up to $920 in tier 2 areas.

Use the Address Locator Tool to look up which tier a property is in and if it qualifies for the Mobility Connection program. The search tool will also provide the user with the estimated rental price limit for that neighborhood. The numbers provide an estimated rental price a Housing Choice Voucher family with no income can afford.

Price limit by location for families with vouchers:

2018 affordability table.JPG

There are two important factors to keep in mind. First, families with income may choose to look above the established price limit because they can pay a larger portion of the rent. Second, although the price limit helps families figure out how much they can afford based on the location, the rent agreed upon between the Housing Authority and the property owner must be based on the fair market rate. The Housing Authority will look at comparable units in the area (based on amenities, size, and type of unit) to make sure that the rental amount the property owner requests is a fair price based on the market.