Address locator 2020

Clients and property owners can use this page to identify if a property is in a High Opportunity Area and the highest price the Housing Authority can pay for a unit in that area* by voucher size. 


  1. Enter the address of the property by typing the address into the top right hand corner of the map. The map will find the property and open a table with “search results.”

  2. Click on an area around the property and a new table will pop up with more information.

  3. The table tells you the information, including whether or not the address is in a High Opportunity Area, the tier level, and the price limit by voucher size in that neighborhood.

  4. To search a new address simply click on the magnifying glass button at the top right of the map and type in the new address.

The higher the tier, the higher amount the Housing Authority can contribute towards the rent. Users can also click on the double arrow symbol on the top left hand corner and add additional layers to the map to show zip codes and school districts.

map legend.JPG

*Families with income can afford higher rental amounts. The numbers displayed in the table are for clients with $0 income using average utility allowances. If you think the utilities for the unit might be higher than average, the top rent the family can afford will be lower. For more on what families can afford see our FAQ page