Families in the Mobility Connection Program work with a mobility counselor to discuss your family’s housing and community needs, develop a family moving plan, work with you to conduct your housing search, and assist you in contacting landlords. We can only assist families in locating housing in high opportunity neighborhoods. Families also have the option to participate in workshops on financial fitness, how to be a good renter, and tenant/landlord rights.

Benefits offered

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Once you are ready to start looking for a home, the mobility counselor will connect you with landlords. We can even take you to tour a unit or a new neighborhood. After you move, Mobility Connection will be available to help you make a successful transition.

Are you looking for a neighborhood that...

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If you have a housing choice voucher (Section 8) from the Housing Authority of St. Louis County or the St. Louis Housing Authority and you are interested in the Mobility Connection Program, talk to a representative of the housing authority next time you come in to recertify your information. Make sure that you will qualify for the program by looking at our screening process.