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The Mobility Connection program helps connect families with Housing Choice Vouchers to find homes in High Opportunity Neighborhoods. These are neighborhoods in the St. Louis region that have historically been difficult for families to move into, either because they are outside of families’ price ranges, or because property owners are not very familiar with the voucher program. Many families with vouchers want to move into high opportunity neighborhoods because they offer more public amenities, high-quality schools, and low crime rates.


Families with vouchers from the St. Louis Housing Authority and the Housing Authority of St. Louis County can participate in the program. Families undergo additional screening to qualify for the program and receive pre- and post-move counseling in addition to housing search assistance. We also raised the rental ceiling for housing in the High Opportunity Neighborhoods to make them more affordable for families and more competitive for the private rental market. We work with families and property owners to facilitate good tenant-landlord matches and positive relationships between both parties.

High Opportunity Areas are shown in blue below.

We help families move into these neighborhoods and cities:

Ballwin Ÿ Brentwood Ÿ Chesterfield Ÿ Clarkson Valley Ÿ Clayton Ÿ Creve Coeur Ÿ Crystal Lake Park Ÿ Des Peres Ÿ Ellisville Ÿ Eureka Ÿ Fenton Ÿ Florissant Ÿ Frontenac Ÿ Glendale Ÿ Green Park Ÿ Hazelwood Ÿ Huntleigh Ÿ Kirkwood Ÿ Ladue Ÿ Lindbergh Ÿ Manchester Ÿ Maplewood Ÿ Maryland Heights Ÿ Mehlville Ÿ Oakland Ÿ Oakville Ÿ Olivette Ÿ Richmond Heights Ÿ Rock Hill Ÿ Southwest St. Louis City Ÿ St. John Ÿ Sunset Hills Ÿ Town & Country Ÿ Warson Woods Ÿ Webster Groves Ÿ Westwood Ÿ Wilbur Park Ÿ Wildwood Ÿ Winchester