Property Owners


Mobility Connection connects families with Housing Choice Vouchers to property owners who maintain quality housing in high opportunity areas in the St. Louis region. After a screening process, voucher holders receive counseling and training to help ensure they make a successful transition into their new neighborhood.

The Housing Choice Voucher program is a federal rental assistance program that helps low- and moderate-income families find safe and desirable housing on the private rental market. Families with vouchers only pay a portion of their income towards their rent and the voucher covers the rest. We make sure that the unit will be affordable for the family before reaching out to property owners.

Find out why property owners love working with Mobility Connection, list your properties with us today:

Guaranteed rent payments: The Housing Authority pays their portion of the rent through direct deposit to your bank account on the first business day of the month.

Pre-screened families: Mobility Connection participants only qualify for the program after going through an extensive review process. Clients also receive counseling to ensure that they will make a successful transition into their new home.

Faster Processing: Mobility Connection staff will help you fill out the paperwork and efficiently process it at the Housing Authority.

Free listing service: Fill vacancies quickly and save on advertising costs through our exclusive unit list for homes in your area.