Jane E. Oliphant, MSW 

LEad Housing Mobility counselor


Since 2016, Jane Oliphant has led Mobility Connection at Ascend STL, Inc., a pilot program in the St. Louis region to help families with Housing Choice Vouchers find housing in high opportunity areas. In that role, she has established awareness of the program within the housing authorities of the city and county of St. Louis, designed and executed administrative and regulatory protocols, sought additional funding, overseen Mobility Connection staff and interns, and counseled multiple clients in preparation for their moves.

Prior to assuming this role, Ms. Oliphant served from 2015 to 2016 as a project manager at Washington University’s Center for Social Development. There she coordinated and managed the Refund to Savings project, including oversight of the design and implementation of the annual experiment. This required negotiating with multiple partners and team members; communicating and coordinating with partners, funders and key stakeholders; and managing communications efforts, including publications, events, submission of papers to conferences, and presentations.  She also developed grant proposals and reports. 

Before her work as a Center Project Manager, Ms. Oliphant served as a research assistant for various studies, including performing literature reviews, developing survey instruments and conducting data analysis.  She also investigated housing issues related to residential mobility in St. Louis.

Her practicum work in 2012-2013 at the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council involved performing reviews on local banks for lending performance based on the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, meeting with banks to discuss performance, and participating in Fair Housing tests.  Her experience also includes a stint in Washington, D.C., where she interned at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, analyzing housing mobility research and performance measurement of social welfare programs, attending congressional hearings, and monitoring Federal Registrar notices and proposed rules.

A recipient of several academic awards, she is a listed author on 15 published articles and has presented nationwide on her research. She holds a M.S.W., Social and Economic Development, Policy Specialization, from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis, and B.A. degrees in Social Work, Sociology, and Psychology from the University of Portland, magna cum laude.


David Nehrt-Flores, MSW, MPA

Outreach Coordinator

David Nehrt-Flores in 2016 joined the Mobility Connection Program, an initiative of the nonprofit Ascend STL, Inc., as Outreach Coordinator.  In that role, he counsels clients and helps property owners and managers understand the benefits of the program that moves families with housing vouchers to low crime areas that offer access to good schools  and strong community resources.  

Nehrt-Flores has been involved in housing issues for a number of years, including work on local campaigns to build housing access for underrepresented communities.  For four years, he served as Community Organizer for Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates.  In that role, he engaged community members from more than 50 member organizations to address issue-based needs and accomplish changes in local and state policy. He also facilitated, implemented, and monitored strategic planning with over 40 organizational stakeholders on the formation of a regional coalition, the Immigrant Service Provider’s Network.

His previous work experience also includes service as a client caseworker who helped manage the arrival and direct resettlement of refugees to the St. Louis region.  As an intern in the Department of Health and Senior Services in Jefferson City, Missouri, Nehrt-Flores evaluated regional Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) operations and programs and researched and conducted needs assessments for health in rural communities.

Nehrt-Flores serves as the community co-chair for the St. Louis Leadership Team of Missouri Jobs with Justice. Nehrt-Flores has worked as a volunteer and board member with a number of organizations that address the root causes of poverty and inequality and has served as a guest lecturer at Saint Louis University School of Social Work.

Nehrt-Flores holds master’s degrees both in Social Work and Public Administration from Saint Louis University.  He earned his B. A. degree in Psychology and Sociology from Maryville University, St. Louis.